GrOWING greenhill

As part of our successful Economic Recovery Fund (ERF) bid we want to improve biodiversity and the overall look of the roundabout in the main Greenhill shopping area.  In researching this through the council’s contractors Amey we have discovered a really dense network of utility services running under or near the roundabout, and this seriously limits the planting possibilities available to us.  These diagrams show a map of the utilities (with the detailed labeling removed) and the low-level planting scheme proposed by our landscape designer in response.

While this is less than we were hoping for, we are able to complement this on-roundabout design with substantial planters positioned on the wider pavement areas of the approach roads.  We can also, in principle, plant on part of the grassed area in front of the library and on the grass verge area in front of the school.  We are now speaking to the shops most directly involved, and the library, about the exact size and positioning of these additional features.

We have asked Amey to complete the groundworks on the roundabout in February, with a view to local volunteers undertaking the main planting works in March (subject to the weather).  If you’d like to be involved in the planting, or have any comments on these plans, please get in touch via

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